2023 Presentations

May 5, 2023 (Friday)

Global Regional Megatrends

Speakers:          Sonia Wedrychowicz, Partner, McKinsey Middle East
.                          (Poland)
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                       Ali Faramawy, Board Director, Central Bank of Egypt & frmr President,
.                         Microsoft Middle East & Africa (Egypt)
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.                         Mani Thiru, Head of Space & Satellite Solutions, AsiaPacific Amazon Web
                       Services (Australia)
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Women Entrepreneurs Forum

Speakers:         Watanya Amatanon, Founder, Tao Bin and Chief Product Officer,
.                          Forth Vending Co. (Thailand)
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                        Hronn Margret Magnusdottir, Founder and CEO,
.                         Feel Iceland (Iceland) (
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.                         Joanna Pruszynska-Witkowska, Co-Founder and Vice President,
                       Future Collars (Poland)
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.                         Sima Ganwani Ved, Founder and Chair, Apparel Group (UAE) (click here to watch video)

Wellness as a New Workplace Imperative 

Speakers:        Dr. Lydia Boyd Campbell, Chief Medical Officer, IBM Corporate Health and
                      Safety Organization (USA)
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.                        Sonali Dhawan, CEO, Asia Pacific Middle East & Africa Feminine Care Business,
                      Procter &
 Gamble (India)  (click here to view presentation)

.                        Elizabeth Nieto, Global Head of Equity and
                      Impact, Spotify (USA)

                       with Nicole Aoun, Partner, Marketing Manager,
.                         S
potify (Lebanon) (click here to view presentation)

Family Businesses: Transitioning into the New Reality

Speakers:        Nisrine Shawwa, Partner & Board Chair, G4S Jordan (Jordan) (click here to watch video)

                      Elizabeth Trallero, CEO Congost Plastic, S.A. (Spain) (click here to watch video)

                      Myrna Yao, President & CEO, Richprime Global Inc. (Philippines) (click here to watch video)

Ensuring International Metrics for Gender Equality

Speakers:        Marcel Hochar, Senior Vice President, Middle East and Central Asia,
                       Bureau Veritas (France)
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.                        Maria Eugenio Rico, Chief Human Resource Officer,
                      Buro de Credito (Mexico)
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Youth Forum: Enterprises of Tomorrow

Speakers:        Michelle Cervantes, Founder and CEO, HOWY Group & President of Foreign
.                        Trade, CANACINTRA (Mexico)
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                      Latifa bin Haider, Founder, Baytuki (UAE) (click here to watch video)

.                        Sarah Liu, Founder & CEO, The Dream Collective (Australia) (click here to watch video) 

May 6, 2023 (Saturday)

Women in Energy: Transitioning to a Net-Zero World

Speakers:        Maureen Carlson, Executive Sales Director, Climate Technologies
                      Solutions, Baker Hughes (Italy) (click here to view presentation)

.                        Najla al Jamali, CEO, Alternative Energy, OQ (Oman) (click here to view presentation)

The Future of Money: From Fintech to Crypto/NFTs

Speakers:      Martha Sazon, President and CEO, Mynt/GCash
.                      (Philippines)
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                    Patama Chantaruck, Country Managing Director,
.                      Accenture Thailand (Thailand)
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                    Imene Rejeb-Mzah, Head of Climate Analytics &
.                      Alignment Data Analytics (France)
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EVs, AI, Robotics and Your Enterprise

Speakers:      Angeline Tham, Founder & CEO, Angkas (Philippines) (click here to view presentation)

                    Susana Rodriguez Puerta, Chief Operating Officer for Application,
                    East/Central Europe, Middle East & Africa, Oracle (Spain)
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                    Ping Xiao, Head of Robotics Service,
.                      ABB China (China)
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New Climate in ‘Growing’ Women-Owned Enterprises

Moderator:    Tess Mateo, Managing Director, CXCatalysts (USA) (click here to view presentation

Speaker:        Mariana Bozesan, Founder & General Manager,
.                       AQAL Capital (Germany)
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Negotiating Effectively

Speakers:      Marie Helene Bensadoun, Partner, August Debouzy
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.                      Salam Atoui, General Counsel and Partner,
.                      EY MENA (UAE)
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