GlobeWomen E-news Past Issues

November 16, 2021; No. CCXXVII


May 3, 2021; No. CCXXV

I. Emphasizing Women in Post-COVID Economic Recovery
II. Pivoting to Remake your Business at the 2021 Global Summit of Women
III. Zoom Fatigue and What to do about it

February 11, 2021; No. CCXXIV

I. What Will Post-COVID Workplace Look Like?
II. The Economic Value of Unpaid Labor
III. Ten Year Anniversary of French Quota Bill

November 30, 2020; No. CCXXIII

I. Germany Makes History with Quota for Women in Senior Management
II. Asia-Pacific Continues to Lag in Appointing Women Directors
III. U.S. Women in Congress Still Trail Much of the World

August 26, 2020; No. CCXXII

I. Another Study Showing Women at the Top Benefit the Bottom Line
II. 100 Years of Women’s Right to Vote in the U.S.
III. From the Global Summit to you: Post-COVID Megatrends

July 8, 2020; No. CCXXI

I. Women on Boards Improve Profit and Consumer Safety
II. COVID-19 Parent Trap
III. Women Leading During the Health Crisis

April 23, 2020; No. CCXLI

I. Women at the Epicenter of COVID-19
II. Leading the Way During the Health Crisis
III. Post-Pandemic Brave New World

March 9, 2020; No. CCXXX

I. The Global Summit of Women Celebrates 30th Anniversary
II. Parental Leave: How Long is Enough Time?
III. Effect of Quota for Women Board Directors in California

November 20, 2019; No. CCXXIX

I. UK Bans Ads with Harmful Gender Stereotypes
II. The Apple Card and Gender Bias in Artificial Intelligence
III. Increase in the Business of Global Child Exploitation
IV. The Power Women of Thailand: Meet Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul

October 11, 2019; No. CCXXVIII

I. Thailand to Host 2019 Global Summit of Women
II. Memories of 30 Years of the Global Summit of Women
III. The Changing Face of the U.S. Workforce
IV. Effect of Women in Corporate Leadership on Company Performance Reaffirmed

July 31, 2019; No. CCXXVII

Special edition: 2019 Global Summit of Women
I. Basel Opens its City to Global Summit of Women Delegates
II. More Women Directors Doesn’t Mean More Women Senior Executives
III. Nobel Prize Laureate Muhammad Yunus and OXFAM Leader Winnie Byanyima Awarded 2019 Global Women’s Leadership Awards

April 19, 2019; No. CCXXVI

I. Why Artificial Intelligence Is Key to Increasing Business Growth
II. Stubborn Gender Pay Gap in UK Widens Despite Transparency
III. Quotas for The U.S.? No Longer Impossible!
IV. Women’s Critical Role in Addressing Climate Change

February 28, 2019; No. CCXXV

I. CEOs & Delegations Preparing for the 2019 Global Summit of Women
II.  Public’s Views of Male/Female CEOs & the Companies They Lead
III. Business Case for Investing in Frontline Women in Retail
IV. Women Inventors with Patents Still a Minority

December 7, 2018; No. CCXXIV

I. From CNN Money Switzerland Interview with Summit President Irene Natividad “Why Quotas are Needed”
II. What Men and Women Expect from CEOs
III. CWDI Opens BIVA Stock Exchange in Mexico
IV. Women Business School Students Missing Real-World Entrepreneurial Experiences

October 26, 2018; No. CCXXIII

I. Switzerland to Host 2019 Global Summit of Women
II. Women Leading Stock Exchanges
III. Ethiopia, Latest Government with 50% Female Cabinet, Appoints Woman President
IV. Despite Company Talk, Progress for U.S. Women in Workplace Stalled

August 28, 2018; No. CCXXII

I. First Woman Mayor of Tunis Joins Growing Cadre of Women Running Major Cities
II. Gender Pay Gap Even Among CEOs
III. Quotas for Women Board Directors Imminent in California and Switzerland
IV. How Companies Should React Following Sexual Harassment Claim

May 17, 2018; No. CCXXI

I. Special Edition: 2018 Global Summit of Women
II. CWDI Report Shows Women Hold 21.4% of Board Positions in 200 Largest Companies Globally
III. Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Receives Global Women’s Leadership Award at the 2018 Summit
IV. Millennials at 2018 Global Summit of Women
V.Summit Attendees Commit to Combat Sexual and Domestic Violence

March 22, 2018; No.CCXVIV

I.          Women Presidents at the 2018 Global Summit of Women
II.         Women on Boards: Are Quotas the Answer?
III.       Stereotypes in Recognizing Women’s Leadership
IV.       UK Law Shows Disparities in Pay of Men & Women

January 31, 2018; No. CCXLXVIII

I.          Women Presidents at the 2018 Global Summit of Women
II.         Diverse Leadership Leads to Higher Innovation Revenue
III.       Successful Women CEOs Joining the 2018 Global Summit of Women
IV.       BBC Cuts Pay of Some Men After Outcry on Inequality

December 15, 2017; No. CCXLXVII

I.         Sydney, 2018 GSW Host, Celebrates Holiday Season
II.         CWDI’s 21st Marketopen: Colombian Stock Exchange
III.         Sexual Harassment: A Serious Investment Risk
IV.         Women And The WTO: Progress?
V.         First Women-Led Tech IPO In Over One Year Launches

October 4, 2017; No. CCXLXVI

I.              Australia to Host 2018 Global Summit of Women
II.            Opening Business Traditions to Women: CWDI Opens Ho Chi Minh and Thailand Stock Exchanges
III.          Men’s Rights Groups on the Rise in Silicon Valley’s Tech World

July 28, 2017; No. CCXLXV

I.         Why Women Aren’t CEOs
II.       Sexism in Silicon Valley
III.     Best Cities Globally for Women Entrepreneurs

June 30, 2017; No. CCXLXIV

I.           Women CEOs In U.S. At All-Time High
II.         Why More Women Don’t Start Businesses
III.       Australia’s Workplace Gender Quotas
IV.        Record Number of Women Elected in UK, France

May 31, 2017; No. CCXLXIII


March 31, 2017; No. CCXLXII

I.         Where Women-Owned Businesses Thrive
II.         CEOs In Fashion Industry At 2017 Global Summit Of Women
III.          Aspirations Of Working Women Drop At Senior Level
IV.          Call For More Diversity In Newsroom

March 7, 2017; No. CCXLXI

I.         Women Entrepreneurs at 2017 Global Summit of Women
II.        Case For Diverse Ad Teams Made at Global Summit of Women
III.       Lessons From UBER
IV.      Women Working at Older Ages

January 27, 2017; No. CCXLX

I.         Women Show Global Strength through Marches Worldwide
II.         Majority see Sexism as a Problem, Men Less So
III.       Comparing the Value of Board Diversity among Men and Women
IV.       Spotlight Continues on Gender Pay Bias

November 30, 2016; No. CCXLVIX 

I.          Male CEOs at 2017 Global Summit of Women
II.         Meet Marita Cheng: Young Robotics Entrepreneur Featured at 2017 Tokyo Summit
III.       CEOs Value Technology Over People, Study Finds
IV.       Number of Women Heads of State Declining

October 29, 2016; No. CCXLVIII 

I.           Why Advertising Teams Must Be Diverse
II.         Women Marching For Change – Poland, Argentina, Iceland
III.        How Quotas For Women Directors Improve Governance
IV.        CWDI Opens Mexican Stock Exchange
V.         Who Is To Blame For Corporate Crises

September 23, 2016; No. CCXLVII

I.         More Women In Leadership Leads To More Profits
II.        Taking Gender Out Of Family Leave Policies
III.      Women’s Economic Empowerment At Top Of Global Agenda
IV.      What It Takes To Reach The Top
V.        Women Bring More Tech Experience To The Boardroom

August 26, 2016; No. CCXLVI

I.          Women’s Success at Rio Olympic Games
II.         Running a Megalopolis: First Female Governor of Tokyo
III.       Quotas For Women on Boards Working in France
IV.       First US State Bans Asking Applicants Salaries
V.        Most Tech Jobs Going to Men

July 22, 2016; No. CCXLV

I.           Women Leaders on the”Glass Cliff”
II.         Rome Electes First Women Mayor
III.        Climate Change’s Effect on Women Workers
IV.        Marketing and the Gender Gap

June 30, 2016; No. CCXLIV


June 24, 2016; No. CCXLIII


April 28, 2016; No. CCXLII

I.           Tech Companies and the Pay Gap
II.         Showcasing Women in US Currency
III.       Youth and Digital Entrepreneurship

March 8, 2016; No. CCXLI

GlobeWomen E-News Special Women’s History Month Salute

March 5, 2016; No. CCXL

I.             Women CEOs on the Future of Work in the Age of Digitization at the 2016 Global Summit of Women in Warsaw
II.           Women’s Careers Not Progressing – Mercer Report at the Colloquium on Global Diversity
III.         Marriages of Equals Fueling Class Divide Globally
IV.          New UAE Cabinet Now 1/3rd Female

February 14, 2016; No. CCXXXIX

Global Summit of Women 2016 Special Edition

January 22, 2016; No. CCXXXVIII

I.             Male CEO Forum at 2016 Global Summit of Women in Warsaw
II.           First-Ever Woman President Elected in Chinese Taipei
III.         Closing the Gender Pay Gap
IV.         Why the U.S. Lags Behind in Gender Diversity on Boards

December 2015 Special Holiday Edition; No. CCXXXVII

Warsaw at Christmas and Holiday Message From Summit President Irene Natividad

November 30, 2015; No. CCXXXVI

I.              Poland to host 2016 Global Summit of Women
II.            Global Summit of Women’s 25th Anniversary dinner in Washington, DC
III.          Colloquium On Global Diversity: Creating a Level Playing Field for Women
IV.          Climate change effect on global economy

October 29 2015; No. CCXXXV

I.             The Growing US Pay Gap
II.           Women Rising in Japan Workforce
III.         Enlisting Men for Women
IV.          CEOs with Daughters Lead Socially More Responsible Companies

September 30, 2015; No. CCXXXIV

I.            CWDI Opens Philippine Stock Exchange
II.          APEC Economies Falling Behind in Placing Women on Corporate Boards
III.        Philippine Women CEOs Share at Summit’s Legacies of Women Forum
IV.         Advancing Women’s Equality Can Add Up to $28 Trillion to Global Growth

August 21, 2015; No. CCXXXIII

I.           Netflix Sets New Benchmark for Parental Leave Policies
II.         From Impoverished Village Girl to Apply Supplier: The Making of a Chinese Woman Billionaire
III.       Misogyny in Politics
IV.        Global Summit of Women’s Legacies of Women Forum and CWDI Market Open in Manila

July 28, 2015; No. CCXXXII

I.          Women CEOS Perceived as Strong of Leaders as Male CEOS
II.        Women Still Far From Equal Representation in Parliaments Globally
III.       Time For a Woman UN Secretary-General in 2017
IV.       Closing the Gender Pay Gap in silicon valley

July 2, 2015; No. CCXXXI

I.         Biodiversity Scientist Becomes First Woman President of Mauritius
II.       Erasing the Stigma of Paternity Leave
III.      New Venture Fund for Women Enterprises
IV.      Women Making Overseas Assignments Possible for Women: Job-Switching
V.        A Woman in US Currency

May 30, 2015; No. CCXXX

Special Edition: Global Summit of Women 2015, Part 2

May 22, 2015; No. CCXXIX 

GSW Celebrates 25th Anniversary with 1,000 Women in Sao Paulo

March 30, 2015; No. CCXXVIII 
Special Edition: Global Summit of Women 2015

I.          Women in Technology and Unconscious Bias
II.        Debating the Quota for Women Directors
III.      Women CEO’s and Leading Change
IV.       Creative Entrepreneurship and the Millennial Generation

March 4, 2015; No. CCXXVII

I.          Women Innovators and the Shared Economy
II.        Why Women Lawmakers are More Effective
III.       Breaking New Ground: Women Firsts
IV.       Women CEOs and Quotas: Voices from the 2015 Colloquium on Global Diversity

January 28, 2015; No. CCXXVI

I.          Women Helping Women Across Borders at the Global Summit of Women
II.         Men Leading Diversity: The Business Case
III.       Meet the New Vice President of Zambia
IV.       New Mckinsey Report: ‘Diversity Dividend’ at Work

December 15, 2014; No. CCXXV

I.          Germany Joins European Economies and Passes Quota Law for Women on Boards
II.        Some of the Leading Women at the 2015 Global Summit of Women in Brazil
III.      2015 Colloquium on Global Diversity — New York
IV.       U.S. Women Workers Lag Behind Europeans in Work/Life Benefits

December 1, 2014; No. CCXXIV

I.          GSW 2015 Spotlight: Presidents of Boeing Brazil and Siemens Spain
II.        Women’s Career Goals vs. Social Realities
III.       Paternity Leave’s Impact on Men’s Careers
IV.       Women Remain Underrepresented in Senior Public Sector Leadership Positions

October 28, 2014; No. CCXXIII

I.           Brazil Re-elects Woman President; Global Summit of Women to Take Place in Sao Paulo in 2015
II.         More Women on the Rise in Financial Industry: Abigail Johnson Named CEO of Fidelity Investments
III.       India Extends Deadline to Add at Least 1 Woman Director
IV.       Why Men Value Flextime

September 26, 2014; No. CCXXII

I.          CWDI opens Australian Securities Exchange to Salute ASX Board Diversity Initiatives
II.        New Women in Charge: Poland’s New Prime Minister EWA Kopacz and Banco Santander’s Ana Botin
III.      Women-led ASEAN Companies Outperform Peers
IV.      Women More Successful Than Men on Crowdfunding Websites
V.        Fathers’ Careers Benefit While Mothers’ Suffer

August 25, 2014; No. CCXXI

I.          Editorial — Quotas are Working but Change Takes Time
II.        China’s Alibaba Inc and Women at the Top
III.      Being Female at the Bargaining Table
IV.      Why So Few Women Engineers?
V.        Women and the Ebola Crisis

July 11, 2014; No. CCXX

Special Issue: Global Summit of Women 2014, No. 2
I.         Women CEOs: Leading Companies into the 21st Century
II.       Women Consumers and Product Development
III.     Women Presidents: Leading Countries

June 27, 2014; No. CCXIX
Special Issue: Global Summit of Women 2014, No. 1
France Welcomes Record Turnout to Paris

April 22, 2014: Issue No. CCXVIII

I.        Harvard Report: Gender Wage Gap a Result of Inflexible Workplaces
II.      Male & Female CEOs Earning the Highest Salaries
III.    Opening Up Credit for Entrepreneurs: IFC/World Bank & Goldman Sachs US$600 Million Fund
IV.     Honda Appoints First Woman Board Director

March 28, 2014; Issue No. CCXVII

I.        Women Presidents and CEOs at the 2014 Global Summit of Women – Paris
II.      World Bank 2014 Report: Engage Private Sector in Gender Equity
III.     Women Leaving High Tech Jobs
IV.     Developing Career Capital the Key to Business Success

February 9, 2014: Issue No. CCXVI

I.         How CEOs Can Speak About Gender Diversity: KPMG UK Report
II.       The Tech World’s ‘Woman Problem’
III.      New Approaches to Opening up Boards for Women
IV.      Leading Countries Out of Conflict & Turmoil: Central African Republic’s and Latvia’s New Leaders

January 11, 2014; Issue No. CCXV
SPECIAL EDITION: Women CEOs at 2014 Global Summit of Women and 2013 GlobeWomen Year in Review

December 18, 2013: Issue No. CCXIV

I.         Voices of Male CEOs at the 2014 Global Summit of Women
II.       Latin American Women Presidents
III.     Breaking the Glass Ceiling in the Automobile Industry: Mary T. Barra
IV.      New Report: Diversity Drives Diversity from the Boardroom to C-Suite

November 1, 2013: Issue No. CCXIII

I.         Global Summit of Women 2014: Paris, France
II.       Effect of Women’s Workforce Participation on Economic Growth
III.     Why Women are Better Investors Than Men
IV.      Bridging the Internet Gender Gap in the Developing World V. How to Grow Women-Owned Enterprises

September 27, 2013: Issue No. CCXII

I.        India, Denmark, and Canada — Latest Countries Taking Action to Increase Women Corporate Directors
II.      Number of Women Presidents and Prime Ministers Remains Under 20
III.    Men’s Bonuses Double Women’s
IV.    California Workers Fail to use Paid Family Leave

August 27, 2013: Issue No. CCXI

I.        Urbanization and Women Leading Cities
II.      Crowdfunding to Help Start or Grow a Business
III.    “Leaning On”: An Approach to Increase the Number of Women on Boards
IV.     What Women and Men Think About Work/Life Integration

July 19, 2013: Issue No. CCX

I.         How to Succeed in the New Economy: Advice from the CEO Forum at the 2013 Global Summit of Women
II.       CWDI Opens Bursa Malaysia; Next up Frankfurt, Germany
III.      U.S. is #1 Country for Women Entrepreneurs, According to New Study
IV.      Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka to Lead UN Women

June 26, 2013: Issue CCIX
Record 1,100 Women Join 2013 Global Summit of Women

May 13, 2013: Issue CCVIII


April 23, 2013: Issue CCVII

April 2, 2013: Issue CCVI  

I.         Global Summit of Women 2013 Update
II.       Women on Corporate Boards
III.      Two More Women Take Helm in Balkans
IV.      Women Entrepreneurs View of 2013

March 8, 2013, Issue CCV

I.         France Tops U.S. in Appointing Women to Boards
II.       Women at the Helm of the US Military Academies
III.     Flexibility in the Workplace: Plus or Minus for Creativity?
IV.      CWDI Market Open – Zurich, Switzerland