2022 CWDI Report: Women Board Directors and Executive Officers of Fortune Global 200 Companies

  • Women now hold 20.2% of all director positions on the boards of the 200 largest companies in the world – the Fortune Global 200 – and 17.6% of executive officer positions on these same companies.
  • Since CWDI began its research on the Fortune listing in 2004, the percentage of women directors has increased only 9.8 percentage points, from 10.4% to 20.2% in 18 years. Men continue to dominate corporate board rooms and C-suites in the largest companies in the world.
  • This low percentage is due in part to the changed composition of the Fortune listing, where Asia Pacific companies now dominate the 200 largest at 91, with China’s 63 companies comprising the largest group.  The region’s low percentage of women directors at 10.7% (with China’s at 8.9%) offsets progress in other regions of the world.


2021 CWDI Report on Women CEOs-Opening Doors and C-Suites

  • Companies with a woman CEO tend to have more women board directors — 34.1% women-held board seats compared to 23.3% for companies with a male CEO.
  • The percentage of women board directors increased following the appointment of a woman CEO — The average percentage of women’s board representation prior to a woman being named CEO was 21.9% compared to the current percentage of 34.1%.
  • In addition to having more women board directors, companies with a woman CEO tend to have more women executive officers on average at 4% women in their senior management team compared to 23.8% in companies with a male CEO.


2020 CWDI Report on Women Board Directors of Asia-Pacific Region

  • Women remain vastly underrepresented in the corporate boardrooms of 20 economies in the Asia-Pacific region, holding just 15.1% of board seats in 1,573 top companies.
  • Since 2017, when CWDI conducted its first comprehensive study of women on boards in the Asia-Pacific region, the percentage of women directors has only increased 2.3 percentage points from 12.8% to 15.1%.
  • Regionally, Asia-Pacific continues to trail most other regions in appointing women to corporate boards.


2020 CWDI Report on Women Board Directors of Largest Banks and Financial Services Globally

  • Women account for only 24.7% of all director positions on boards of world’s largest banks and financial institutions, but this is double the percentage in 2005 (10.3%).
  • The majority of these large financial institutions now have women board directors. Only 9 of the 104 companies in the Fortune listing – 7% –  have all-male boards.
  • 61.5% of these boards have reached ‘critical mass’ with three or more women holding board seats compared to only 17% in 2005.



Stock Exchange of Thailand Market Open, June 22, 2022

CWDI Chair Natividad opens the Stock Exchange of Thailand along with delegates attending the 2022 Global Summit of Women in Bangkok, Thailand

Bolsa Institucional de Valores (BIVA) Mexico City, Market Open, November 8, 2018


CWDI Chair Irene Natividad and BIVA CEO Maria Ariza open the Bolsa Institucional de Valores (BIVA) in Mexico City with more than 40 women directors, CEOs and executives

Bolsa de Valores de Colombia Stock Exchange Market Open, December 15, 2017

CWDI Chair Natividad opens the Bolsa de Valores de Colombia with 60 women directors, CEOs and executives.

Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange Market Open, September 27, 2017

Women executives and entrepreneurs led by Corporate Women Directors International (CWDI) President Irene Natividad and former Vice President of Vietnam Truong My Hoa opened the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HOSE) to salute the significant contributions Vietnamese women have made to the growth of their economy

Tokyo Stock Exchange Market Open, May 10, 2017

Over 40 women directors, CEOs and executives from Japan and abroad opened the Tokyo Stock Exchange to kick off Tokyo’s hosting of the 2017 Global Summit of Women while saluted the achievements of Japanese women leaders in business