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2009 Global Summit of Women

Santiago, Chile

May 14-16, 2009

“Setting New Paradigms for Business and Political Leadership”

Over 900 participants from more than 70 countries joined the 2009 Global Summit of Women

What the Press is Saying

Click to watch Summit President Ms. Natividad discuss what the Summit is about. (CNN Chile)

Click to watch Laura Albornoz, Chile's Minister of Women, at the 2009 Summit.
(CNN Chile)

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Summit Awards

Global Women's Leadership Award

Summit President Irene Natividad presents the 2009 Global Women's Leadership Award to President of Chile H.E. Michelle Bachelet at the Summit's Welcoming Dinner

Chilean Women's Leadership Award

Irene Natividad and Minister of Women's Affairs of Chile Laura Albornoz present the Chilean Women's Leadership Award to Cecilia Medina, the first woman President of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights

Public/Private Sector Projects Advancing Women and Girls' Economic Opportunities

In recognition of these exemplary projects, the Global Summit of Women awarded $5,000 towards each
project at the 2009 Global Summit of Women.

Presented by: Minister of Justice, Hon. Rosario Fernandez

Title of Program: Laundry Room Workshop


* Program employs 34 inmates of the Women's Penitentiary Institution in Lima in the gathering of garments, washing, drying, ironing and delivering of completed garments.

* Increases dignity and self-esteem of the incarcerated women by demonstrating that they can be useful persons to the society; to provide tools to increase the economic opportunities for their rehabilitation to society; and to allow to the incarcerated to carry out productive or commercial activities.


Presented By: Minister of State for Community Development, Youth and Sports, Hon. Yu-Foo Yee Shoon

Title of Program: Many Helping Hands

Country: Singapore

* Addresses key challenges Singaporean women face by facilitating better work-life balance.

* Enables women to integrate their work, personal and family commitments by providing affordable, accessible and quality family support services ranging from childcare to eldercare to help families as well as inter-generational bonding and counseling.

Presented by: Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Marigen Hornkohl

Title of Program: Genetic improvement of Alpacas in Small Producers of the Communes of Pencahue and Curepto

Country: Chile

* Project focuses on raising alpaca in conjunction with rural women weavers to improve the quality of handcrafted fabrics.

* With government and private sector partners, the preparation of wool was standardized and space is made for the sale and marketing of the fabrics for sale in the region and globally with Spain and Italy


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What Participants are Saying...

"Participating in the Global Summit in Chile was a fantastic experience.  The warmth and receptivity of the women there was inspiring."  

 -Jody Williams, Nobel Peace Prize Winner (USA)

"Congratulations on a highly successful event. My 'take-aways' are substantial, and will take several days to digest...It was a pleasure and a privilege to form part of the Leadership panel on risk taking, and to share and learn from others."

-Krista Walochik, CEO, Norman Broadbent (Spain)

"It was a pleasure and honor to be able to participate in this summit. I admire Irene Natividad's dedication, commitment and leadership to 'change the world'."

-Adriana Mendizabal, Vice President and General Director, Herbalife Mexico

"I always enjoy the Women CEO Forum, especially when young women CEO like Mardia van der Walt-Korsten and others are speaking. I can take this back and really encourage Japanese women in this age group for both corporates and entrepreneurs."

-Ann Sado, President, NPO Gewel (Japan)

"The uniqueness of this Global Summit of Women is found in the opportunity it gives to learn from women from other countries; to learn from their experiences, their development of the economic sector, their strength, their struggle to push forward and to overcome all obstacles; their personal and corporate economic gains"

-Nimia Ana Aquino, Ministra de la Mujer (Paraguay)

"Gracias a Usted por hacernos partícipe de esta gran e importante Cumbre, creo que en estos tiempos bajo  el mundo globalizado en que vivimos, las Alianzas Estratégicas son cada vez mas importantes para fortalecernos y ayudarnos."

 -Cecilia Aguilar, CEO, Empresas Incosec (Chile)