2009 Summit Grants

2009 Grant Giving

Since 2002, the Global Summit of Women has given to a variety of charitable causes. This year we are proud to present grants to the following organizations:

I. U.N Foundation Girl Fund

$5, 000 Grant towards advancing the education and training of adolescent girls in developing economies. The Global Summit of Women was the first donor to the Girl Fund.

The Girl Fund works to bring together the UN, non-governmental organizations and the private sector to focus attention and resources on adolescent girls.

II. Winning Ministerial Best Practices in Public/Private Sector Partnerships Advancing Women and Girls’ Economic Opportunities

A. Minister of Justice of Peru, Hon. Rosario Fernandez $5,000 grant to the Ministry of Justice of Peru for Laundry Room Workshop Project

The Laundry Room Workshop program employs inmates of the Women’s Penitentiary Institution in Lima in garment cleaning and care. The project increases the self-esteem of the incarcerated women, provides economic opportunities for their rehabilitation to society, and allows them to earn income while incarcerated.

B. Minister of State for Community Development,
Youth and Sports of Singapore, Hon. Yu-Foo Yee Shoon $5,000 grant to the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports of Singapore for “Many Helping Hands” Project

The “Many Helping Hands” helps to facilitate a better work-life balance for Singaporean women. Through the collaboration of employers, unions, human resource institutions and the government, women are able to integrate their work, personal and family commitments through a program developed by the ministry.

C. Minister of Agriculture of Chile, Hon. Marigen Hornkohl $5,000 grant to the Ministry of Agriculture of Chile for Genetic improvement of Alpacas Project

An income generation project supported by the ministry that provided livelihood for women raising alpacas for the production of handicraft fabrics. Through improved breeding of the animals, the women produced higher quality fabrics. The products are sold in and outside of the region with possible markets in Spain and Italy.