The GlobeWomen Research and Education Institute, a non-profit organization based in Washington, DC, USA, promotes the acceleration of women’s economic opportunities globally through research and exchanges of best practices advancing the economic progress of women and girls from start-ups to corporate leadership in all parts of the world through:

  • Exchanges of best practices in government policies that advance the economic progress of women and girls;

  • The sharing of successful initiatives that accelerate women’s access to corporate leadership roles;

  • Facilitation of discussions of best practices by civil society groups that expand women’s access to entrepreneurial opportunities;

  • Research that provides baseline information on women’s progress to date;

  • Provision of role models who can inspire and inform women on what works in advancing to leadership roles;

  • The creation of networks that enable women to reach their counterparts across borders;

  • Educating and training women on to expand their skill sets, whether as entrepreneurs at any level, from micro- to SMEs or as corporate leaders at each Summit.

For more information on our innovative programs visit:
Global Summit of Women
Corporate Women Directors International
Colloquium on Global Diversity