What Participants are Saying

“Thank you for the wonderful conference! The speakers this time were very engaging. The 19 year old inventor was fantastic. It was nice to feel inspired listening to someone so young. For many reasons I felt that this conference was remarkable. This climate of sisterhood that persists in the conference is what makes it feel so amazing and family-like. The experience was so invigorating and satisfying and filled with love that I felt a thousand times better after it! The years I’ve attended the conference are stacking up… I’ll be looking forward to the next one in Poland.” — Farah KhanProprietor, Farah Shawls (India)

“Thank you once again for a wonderful Global Summit of Women. This year, like previous years, was very special with many “once in a lifetime” moments. As always, you and your team do an amazing job of ensuring that the accommodations are great, the content is timely and value-added, the speakers are engaging, and the networking is exceptional!

I am grateful for the opportunity to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Summit in such a special way with so many remarkable people. My SAIC colleagues used words like “life changing” and “inspiring” to describe their experiences, and I am confident that they (like me) look forward to the Summit in Warsaw next year.” — Kimberly AdmireChief Human Resources Officer, SAIC (USA)

“I met many remarkable women, but found your own central concept the most powerful of all: that the economic, political, and civic spheres must be engaged SIMULTANEOUSLY for change to happen. All the speakers were dynamic and provided important information and insights, but Mlambo-Ngouka articulated precisely how profoundly accurate your central conception is, in her list of what HAS changed in the past 20 years, from laws, social organizations, acknowledgement of the peculiar position of girls and women, to health and education issues, around the world.” — Dr. Bernice BraidDirector, Core Seminar, Long Island University Brooklyn (USA)

“This is the first time I participated in the Global Summit of Women and I was surprised to see such a rich agenda! Very profitable and enthusiastic indeed to hear all those spectacular women in top positions all over the world while we still have such a deep difference in many countries regarding how women are treated. Please continue to spread your views and ideas.” — Margaret WolffVice President of Business Planning, Latin America, Oracle (Brazil)

“I very much appreciated my participation in the Global Summit of Women. The Summit was a very good source of connecting people in several businesses, also talking to several female entrepreneurs and getting valuable input. I did a lot of personal networking with entrepreneurs around the world. It encouraged me to build up my own business and gave me valuable advice from IT up to leadership. I do want to thank you and your team for the great organization and your patience and stamina handling 1,000 women in a room. Well done!” — Sabine Faeth, Freelance Journalist & Entrepreneur (Germany)

“Thank you for a terrific conference! Very insightful and again I walk away with much enthusiasm. The most valuable topic I attended was the “Women on Boards.” Since the conference I have applied for a Board position to gain experience and I have researched some appropriate training programs that will assist with working on Boards.” — Susan Gleeson, Director, Farm Gate Training & Consulting P/L (Australia)