2005 What Are People Saying?

Participant Testimonials

“This was the most exciting conference I have ever attended! I never before met so many great female role models in such an inspiring environment! I returned home with wings on my back – they will help me to fly higher in my career. Having seen so many successful women, I learned that nothing is impossible for us.”
– Anke Domscheit, Accenture (Germany)

Exquisite Summit! This is a platform for positive growth. Each time, I come back home with many new ideas and with different energy. I have made four contacts to market my products in Iceland, Mexico and USA. I also promised to a few new friends to look for opportunities for them in Canadian markets.
– Evnur Taran, President, Northern Legacy (Canada)

“The impact of the Summit is truly impressive. I totally enjoyed meeting so many powerful women from around the world. I know that it (the Summit) is making a difference and is a catalyst for change on both a micro and macro level.”
– Kay Iwata, Principal, K. Iwata Associates (USA)

That diversity is one of the strategies for competitive excellence really came through with the breadth of women represented at the Summit. The fact that women at the top could be compassionate and empower women who are still microentrepreneurs is the charm of this Summit.”
-Ann Sado, Vice President, GEWEL (Japan)

“Realmente yo quede muy impresionada y muy satisfecha por toda la experiencia misma que me abrio nuevas relaciones y muchas amistades. A lo largo de muchas años he tenido la oportunidad de participar en …muchas reuniones de mujeres, pero esta experiencia con mujeres (la Cumbre) de las empresas tanto como propietarias como ejecutivas me dio una ensenanza nueva.”
– M. Eugenia Lopez Brun, Directora General, Fruta Prohibida (Mexico)

The Global Summit of Women was an amazing experience to have the opportunity to talk to women in business and women business owners from around the world, including Iraq and Afghanistan. It solidified how we are all ‘sisters’ and how there is such an incredible ‘world of opportunity’ for us.”
– Mary Schnack, Mary Schnack Media Services (USA)