2004 Summit Program

Summit Proceedings
May 27, 2004 (Thursday)   

Opening Ceremony

Speakers:        Irene Natividad, Summit President

.                      Lee Myung Bak, Mayor of Seoul

.                      Chung Gyu Hwang, President and CEO, Semiconductor Business, Samsung Electronics

May 28, 2004 (Friday)

Plenary Sessions

The Women of Asia: A Profile B McKinsey Report

Speakers:        Dominic Barton, Managing Director, McKinsey & Company/Asia Pacific


The Dynamic Korean and Asia-Pacific Market: Opportunities and Challenges

Speakers:         David Richardson, Regional Director, TNS (Korea)


Women’s Leadership in Economic Development: Best Practices

Speakers:         From the Moroccan Delegation

                          Ann Sherry, CEO, Westpac New Zealand and Group Executive, Westpac Banking Corporation (Australia)

Luncheon Program: Report from Ministerial Roundtable

Welcome:            Siaou Sze Lien, Senior Vice President, Hewlett-Packard Services Asia Pacific (Singapore)

Ministers:            Eun-Hee Chi, Minister of Gender Equality (Korea)

Luisa Diogo, Prime Minister and Minister for Finance and Planning (Mozambique)

Breakout Sessions

Effective Negotiation Skills

Speakers:       Ok Nim Chung, Professor, International Relations & the U.N., Sun Moon University (Korea)

.                   Beverly Suek, Business Owner & CEO of the Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba (Canada)

Innovative Financing for Women Entrepreneurs

Speakers:            Siv Hellen, Vice President, Nordic Investment Bank (Norway)

.                           Nhlanhla Mjoli-Mncube, Mjoli Development Group (South Africa)

.                          Simone Desjardins, Senior Vice President, Business Development Bank of Canada

.                         Whajoon Cho, Managing Director, Office of Financial Management, Korea Telecom


Preparing Women for a Technology World

Speakers:            Sabina Nawaz, Senior Director, Talent Engagement And Succession Planning, Microsoft (USA)

.                           Suzanne Alfs, Chief Information Officer, GTZ and President-elect, TIAW (Germany)

.                           Shinae Chun, Director, Women’s Bureau, U.S. Dept. of Labor (USA)

.                           Kio Chung Kim, Executive Director, Asia Pacific Women’s Information Network Centre, Sookmyung University (Korea)

.                           Sandy Walsh, Manager, Marketing Communication Cisco Asia-Pacific (Singapore)


Health Care and the Busy Professional

Speakers:            Dr. Safaa el Baz, Assistant Minister of Health (Egypt)

Innovative Marketing Through the Web

Speakers:            Amany Asfour, President, Egyptian Businesswomen’s Association (Egypt)

.                           Sungyee Yoon, Vice President, Communication Intelligence TF, Business Development Team, SK Telecom

.                           Lew-Chew Tan, Vice President, Business and Enterprise Imaging & Printing,Hewlett Packard Imaging & Printing Group, Asia Pacific (Japan)

Using Technology to Grow Your Business/Professional Organization

Speakers:             Sharon Baylay, Regional General Manager, MSN ICAN (United Kingdom)

.                            Mi Young Han, President, Korean Women Inventors Association (Korea)

.                            Antoinette Ruegg, President, Business/Professional Women International (Switzerland)

Growing the Next Generation of Women Entrepreneurs

Speakers:         Do-Yoon Byun, President, Seoul Women’s Foundation (Korea) 

.                        Hanan Aboul Azm, Director, Women’s Business Centre, National Council of Women (Egypt)


Finding an eMarket for Microenterprise Products

Speakers:       Zeinab Safar, Professor of Mechanics (Egypt)

 .                   Eun-Ah Lee, CEO, Bobos Company (Korea)

.                    Martina Vahlhaus, Program Manager, GTZ (Germany)


May 29, 2004 (Saturday)

Breakout Sessions

The Do’s and Don’ts of Franchising

Speakers:          Soon Jin Kim, CEO, Nolboo Company, Inc. (Korea)

Preparing Microentrepreneurs for the Mainstream Market

Speakers:            Khurshid Zafar Haque, Minister for Women (Bangladesh)

.                           Young Sim Kim, CEO, Yoojin Parts Sales Co., Ltd. (Korea)
Going Global: Challenges and Opportunities

Speakers:            Nancy V. Gomez, President, Eve-olution Foundation (U.S.A.)

.                           Kaye Crippen, Principal, Asian Markets Research B The Americas (U.S.A.)

Women and Corporate Boards

Speakers:            Kyung Yoon, Vice Chair, Heidrick & Struggles (USA)


Successfully Weathering Business Downturns

Speakers:         Maryles Casto, President,  Casto: The Travel Company (U.S.A.)

.                       Michelle Garnaut, Owner, M Restaurant (Hong Kong)

.                       Young Shil Heo, President, Great Performance Company (Korea)

Intellectual Property: Protecting Your Products and Services

Speakers:            Bettina Goetzenberger, President, European Women in Management & Development (Belgium)

.                           Ella Cheong, Chairman of the Board, Ella Cheong Spruson & Ferguson (Singapore)

.                           Yoon Sun Cho, Kim & Chang Law Office (Korea)

.                           Soh-Keng Tan, Vice President, Managed Services, HP Services Asia-Pacific (Singapore)


Effective Communication Skills: Marketing Yourself

Speakers:            Veronique Beltz, Career & Communications Coach, (Germany)

.                             Mikah Lee, Managing Director, Launch Pad Red (Canada)
Work/Life Balance and Child Care

Speakers:            Catherine Norton, Director, Norton Consulting Group (Australia)

.                           Paula de Sutter, Assistant Secretary of State, U.S. State Department (USA)

Luncheon Program:  Leading With Technology

Panelists:         Pansy Ho, Managing Director, Shuntak Holdings (Hong Kong, S.A.R.)

.                        Dounia Taarji, Director General, CDVM (Morocco)

.                        Siaou Sze Lien, Senior Vice President, Hewlett Packard Services (Singapore)

 Plenary Sessions

Media’s Role in Depicting Women’s Economic Progress

Speakers:         Yoshimi Nagamine, Deputy Editor, News Analysis & Commentary, Yomiuri Shimbun (Japan)

                         Joanne Lee, President, Star Communications (Korea)

Corporate Best Practices: Creating a Level Playing Field for Women

Speakers:         Maud Pagel, Vice President, Human Resources, Deutsche Telekom (Germany)

.                        Amina Benkhadra, Director General, ONAREP/BRPM (Morocco) 

.                        Katie Spearritt, Manager, Diversity and Inclusion, Asia-Pacific, Hewlett Packard (Australia)

.                        Sungjoo Kim, President, Sungjoo International (Korea)

Closing Ceremony

Bruce Coventry, Vice President – NAFTA World Engine (USA)

In Ja Hwang, Assistant Mayor of Seoul