2003 Global Summit of Women Updated

2003 Global Summit of Women

Marrakech, Morocco

June 28-30, 2003


Her Royal Highness Princess Lella Hasna opens the Global Summit of Women 2003

Opening Ceremony for the 2003 Summit.

Summit delegates at one of the sessions.

South African Minister Mabandla speaking on Intellectual Property at the Marrakesh Summit in 2003.

Global Diversity in Marrakesh: Bangladeshi, Korean and Spanish delegates at the 2003 Summit.

European and Korean delegates at the Summit.

R.R. Donnelly (USA) Vice President Damayanti Vasudevan and daughter attending the Summit.

Enterprising Women magazine editor, Monica Smiley, & U.S. Mint Director, Henrietta Holsman Fore

What happened at the 2003 Summit

* First time gathering of 40 women cabinet ministers in a roundtable on economic development for women in the Arab states

* Networking and contacts with delegates from countries like Yemen and Algeria, and a delegation from the New Iraq, all attending for the first time

*  Morocco’s new women executives were introduced to the global audience for the first time

Click here for full excerpt  from the Book “Morocco: The Islamist Awakening and Other Challenges” (Pages 158-160) by Marvine Howe, Oxford University Press, USA (2005)