1992 International Planning Committee

1992 International Planning Committee

Irene Natividad, Forum Director, 1992 Global Forum of Women; Chair, National Commission on Working Women; Executive Director, Philippine American Foundation; Former Chair, National Women’s Political Caucus, USA

Monica Barnes, TD, Co-Chair, Irish Secretariat, 1992 Global Forum of Women; Member, Irish Parliament All Party Committee for Women’s Rights Ireland

Margaret Fine-Davis, Co-Chair, Irish Secretariat, 1992 Global Forum of Women; Acting Director, Centre for Women’s Studies, Trinity College, Ireland

Raydean Acevedo, Former President, Mexican American Women’s National Association; President, RMCI Corporation, USA

Gudrun Agnarsdottir, Former Member, Icelandic Parliament

Betty Bigombe, Minister of State, Uganda

Kathy Bonk, President, Communication Consortium, USA

Aslaug Brynjolfsdottir, Schools Superintendent; Vice President, Women’s Chapter of the Progressive Party, Iceland

Danielle Debbas, Organizer, 1990 First World Summit of Women, Montreal; Former President, Frappe, Canada

Ruth Bamela Engo-Tjega, Senior Liaison Officer, DIET/Steering Committee of the United Nations; Former Director of Labor, Cameroon

Betty Friedan, Author, The Feminine Mystique and The Second Stage; Founder, National Organization of Women, USA

Frances Kissling, Executive Director, Catholics for Free Choice, USA

Supatra Masdit, Member of Parliament, Thailand

Anna Maslennikov, Professor of English, Ithaca College, Republic of Russia

Diana Meehan, Founding Director, Institute for the Study of Women and Men; President, VU Productions, USA

Alexandra Momdjan, President, International Women’s Centre, Moscow, Republic of Russia

Donna Pepe, Vice President, Johnson & Johnson/Ortho Pharmaceutical Corporation, USA