671 Participants from 80 Countries, including 42 Women Government Ministers

 take part in the Distinguished 2003 Global Summit of Women

What the Participants are Saying...

"The impact of this event will be far-reaching in Morocco and the Arab and Islamic worlds.  As a Moroccan woman and as a member of the present Moroccan government, I felt delighted by the extent to which the Global Summit of Women allowed a variety of cultures to open up to each other, regardless of cultural differences and geographical borders."
- Najima Thaythay Rhozali, Secretary of State for Literacy and Informal Education, Morocco

"I have attended many conferences and forums over the years and few have kept my interest sparked from start to finish as did this year's Global Summit of Women in Marrakech.  I was truly impressed by the talent, positions held, and capabilities of all the women participating both as presenters and as attendees.  I met some wonderful people from across the globe -- what an experience and a privilege."
- Damayanti Vasudevan, United States

"The Global Summit of Women 2003 provided an excellent opportunity for me to learn about national women's machineries and to exchange ideas and information with committed partners and dynamic businesswomen from around the world."
The Honorable Jean Augustine, Secretary of State (Multiculturalism and Status of Women)

"I enjoyed this Summit very much.  It was a great opportunity to meet all these prominent women.  The idea I liked very much was the one-day workshop about empowerment of Arab women.  We really need that forum and it was great to exchange ideas between Arab women."
- Zeinab Safar, Egypt

"The networking was fabulous.  Until the very last moment, we were still networking, and I found a prospective supplier in Bangladesh, just a few minutes before boarding the plane. I came back with many contacts and ideas. Before the closing of the summit, we were already talking about the next one."
- Evnur Taran, Canada

More About the 2003 Summit...

Description of the 2003 Summit
About Morocco
Summit Program including speeches

International Planning Committee

International Partners and Morocco Host Committee

List of Women Ministers Participating in the First-Ever Ministerial Roundtable

What the Press is Saying...

Morocco's largest daily newspaper

"Un réseau pour pérenniser les initiatives féminines à travers le monde"

"Une strategie integree pour la promotion du role de la femme"

"Expertises internationales au service du developpement"


"Davos des femmes: : L'hommage aux ONG"

"Sommet mondial de la femmes a Marrakech: Le coup de pouce de ministres"

"Les femmes reussissent a reconstruire ce que les hommes detruisent"

Global Summit of Women 2003
Marrakech, Morocco
June 28-30, 2003


Her Royal Highness Princess Lella Hasna opens the Global Summit of Women 2003.

Deputy Prime Minister of Ireland Mary Harney addresses the audience at the Opening Ceremony.

Images from the  2003 Summit...

 2003 Summit Photo Album

 Summit Director Irene Natividad, U.S. Ambassador to Morocco Margaret Tutweiler, President of the Catalan Institute of Women Joana Alemany i Ortega, and Deputy Prime Minister of Ireland Mary Harney at the Opening Ceremony of the 2003 Summit.

Saida Lamrani, Managing Director, SMEIA (Morocco); Henrietta Holsman Fore, Director, US Mint; Miriem Ben Salah-Chaqroun, Managing Director, Les Eaux Minerales D'Oulmes; Lina Hundaleh, CEO, Philadelphia Chocolates (Jordan); and Amy Camacho, President, African Safari (Mexico)  discuss what makes an effective leader at Global Summit of Women 2003. 

South African Minister Mabandla speaking at the session on Intellectual Property at the Marrakesh Summit in 2003.

Global Diversity in Marrakesh: Bangladeshi, Korean and Spanish delegates at the 2003 Summit.

2003 Summit Sponsors

Royal Dutch Shell   


Les Eaux Minerales D'Oulmes

Groupe Banques Populaires

Hudson Highland Group


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2003 Global Summit of Women




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