625 Participants from 76 Economies Display Their Collective Power
at the Impressive 2002 Global Summit of Women in Barcelona


Images from the Summit

2002 Photo Gallery

Afghanistan’s Vice Chair of the Interim Government shares her views at the Opening Ceremony.


Sung-joo Kim (President of Sung-joo International) from South Korea, leading her delegation in a surprise performance at the Summit's Opening Ceremony.

Clarice Kennedy, Carol Stafford of IBM and Ana Maria Lopez at the session on e-commerce and e-business.

The host committee for the Barcelona Summit.

What the Participants are Saying...

"The Summit was perfectly organized and professionally conducted.  It is the best opportunity for networking with like-minded women in business.  One cannot get a better platform for meeting women leaders and entrepreneurs from so many countries.  It was the ideal forum for test marketing of my products and it was grand success."
- Farah Khan, India

"The (Summit) once again confirmed what I strongly believe: that the only geographical barriers that exist for our projects are those that we allow to exist."
-Donna Kelley, Spain

"What I found most valuable was meeting and networking with such high caliber, wonderful women.  It was a chance to connect with women whom I would not otherwise have had the chance to meet, and to learn something about cultures and countries far removed from my own.  A truly enlightening and mind-expanding experience."
-Elizabeth Scott, Hong Kong

"I certainly left Barcelona feeling empowered, renewed and ready to face new challenges and tackle them head-on.  The powerful testimonies of fellow women, their achievement and zeal is alone worthwhile being there."
-Inge K. Zaamwani, Namibia

I was very much inspired by the synergy of talents, capabilities, experience, dynamics, and initiatives represented in Barcelona."
-Nela Milijic, Croatia

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2002 Summit Grant

Dr. Sima Samar,
Interim Vice President
of Afghanistan
$10,000 grant given to an Afghan NGO identified by Afghanistan's Interim Vice President, Dr. Sima Samar, for women's economic empowerment

To find out more about the Global Summit of Women's history of giving,
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2002 Award Winner

pmujer.jpg (10961 bytes)

Meet the winner of the 2002 American Express Global Leadership Award given at the Global Summit of Women, Begona Zunzunegui, Founder of Becara


Summit Outcomes...


* Raised $10,000 to be used as microenterprise loans by Afghan women seeking to reenter their country's economy

Created a Technology Committee to develop ways of continuing the sharing of best practices among Summit participants and other women entrepreneurs globally

*Released a report through its Corporate Women Directors International project on Spanish women corporate directors in Spain's top 300 Companies to establish a national benchmark to measure progress. 
More on this report

 *Agreed to develop a compendium of corporate  best practices in creating equal opportunities for women.


The greatest opportunity for our association was to participate in the creation of a confederation of Mediterranean women entrepreneurs’ associations."
 -Danielle Rousseau, President, Dirigeantes, France

More Participant Accomplishments ...


Global Summit of Women 2002
Barcelona, Spain
July 11-13, 2002


Left to right:  Astrid Fischel, Former First Vice President of Costa Rica;
Irene Natividad, Summit Director, Sima Samar,
Former Vice Chair & Minister of Women's Affairs, Afghanistan

What Was Presented ...

Summit Program and Speeches

What the Press is Saying...

Editorial Cartoon From El Pais (Spain's national newspaper), July 11, 2002
Translation:  The Woman on the Stool is writing:  Barcelona, 12th Global Summit of Women
The Men: 

From El Pais, July 12, 2002

From Reuters, July 12, 2002
"Women of the world meet in Spain to smash glass ceiling"

BARCELONA, Spain - Six hundred women from 76 countries met in Barcelona yesterday to talk about how to increase the economic power of women in a male-dominated world.

Full Article

From Associated Press, July 11, 2002 
"Women discuss business opportunities in

international marketplace at Summit in Barcelona"

Barcelona, Spain (AP) Although women-run businesses represent more than 30 percent of those in Europe and the United States, women still lag far behind men in earnings and in job status; in developing countries, the disparity is even greater. 
Full Article



From BBC News, July 11, 2002

"Women gather for business summit"

A business summit attended by 600 women entrepreneurs and political leaders has got under way in Barcelona. The Global Summit of Women is a riposte to the male-dominated World Economic Forum held most years in the Swiss ski resort of Davos.
Full Article


From BBC News, July 11, 2002

"Barcelona woos female bosses"


Barcelona, Spain- Barcelona, famed for its style and culture, is also renowned for its hard-nosed commercialism. Today, there's no doubt women are playing an increasing role in the city's economic success. But in the city's corridors of power, you'd hardly know it. In the Baroque splendour of Barcelona's chamber of commerce hang the portraits of the city's former business leaders, every one a man.

Full Article



From La Gaceta, April 22, 2002

"Las emprendedoras tienen problemas para financiar sus negocios"


Madrid- Tras mas de una decada acercando oportunidades de negocio a las emprendedoras, la Cumbre Global de las Mujeres llega este ano a Espana.  Su directora, Irene Natividad, una filipina afincada en Estados Unidos con las ideas muy claras respecto a lo que las mujeres pueden hacer dentro del mercado laboral, explica que la acutal presidencia espanola de la Union Europea y el aumento de mujeres empresarias y consejeras delegadas han sido motivos suficientes para elegir Barcelona como sede de la Cumbre.


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