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GlobeWomen was conceived as the nexus at which all sectors – public, private and nonprofit – would come together under the common vision of dramatically expanding women’s economic opportunities globally through exchanges of working solutions and creative strategies forged by women leaders in different parts of the world. Through an annual forum, research, diversity roundtables and other programs, we seek to inform and promote women's economic advancement globally.

The Global Summit of Women is a project of the GlobeWomen Research and Education Institute, a non-profit organization based in Washington, DC USA.

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Global Summit of Women
For over 25 years, the Global Summit of Women has been building global networks and providing a forum for the exchange of effective strategies advancing the economic status of women worldwide. Through the Summit, women in government, business, and nongovernmental organizations reach across borders, disciplines, and cultures to learn from each other and work towards economic equity. Come to the Global Summit of Women to:
  • Participate in a truly unique global gathering of women influencers and opinion leaders from government and business

  • Be inspired by women from across all continents and all areas of leadership

  • Learn from and share with your peers ways to improve your business, your career, and your life -- and the lives of others

  • Expand your global network of professional women


Past Summits

Warsaw, Poland 2016 ¨ Sao Paolo, Brazil 2015¨Paris, France 2014 ¨ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2013 ¨ Athens, Greece 2012 ¨ Istanbul, Turkey 2011 ¨ Beijing, China 2010 ¨ Santiago, Chile 2009 ¨ Hanoi, Vietnam 2008 ¨ Berlin, Germany 2007 ¨ Cairo, Egypt 2006 ¨ Mexico City, Mexico 2005 ¨ Seoul, South Korea 2004 ¨ Marrakech, Morocco 2003 ¨ Barcelona, Spain 2002 ¨ Hong Kong S.A.R., China 2001 ¨ Johannesburg, South Africa 2000 ¨ Buenos Aires, Argentina 1999 ¨ London, England 1998 ¨ Miami, USA 1997 ¨ Chinese Taipei 1994 ¨ Dublin, Ireland 1992 ¨ Montreal, Canada 1990

To view participants, programs, photos and reports from all Summits to date, click here
Summit President Irene Natividad gives an overview of the Global Summit of Women on PBS' Foreign Exchange with Daljit Dhaliwal:

May 14 - 16, 2015:
GSW Paris announces 2015 Summit host!
See Photos from the
2015 Global Summit of Women in
Sao Paulo, Brazil!


Browse the listing of grants awarded by the Summit to support and recognize excellence in advancing the economic status of women

thabethe ministerial award

  "The battle to put women in the forefront must be fought by everybody who wants lasting peace and stability."

- Nelson Mandela,
at the 2000 Global Summit of Women
(Johannesburg, South Africa)
Corporate Women Directors International
Corporate Women Directors International (CWDI) promotes the increased participation of women in corporate leadership globally, fosters national and international networks to link women board directors, and seeks to hone directors' skills in corporate government.  Through CWDI, you can:
  • Access data on women on corporate boards internationally, covering the last ten years, all continents, and varied industries

  • Learn from the best about issues of corporate governance

  • Connect with organizations engaged in corporate governance issues, and with fellow women corporate directors

  • Join veteran board directors and corporate governance experts in the premier discussion and networking forum for women directors from the US and other countries

Global Diversity
GlobeWomen provides informational and networking resources connected to workplace gender equity through our Global Diversity initiatives. The marquee Colloquium on Global Diversity brings senior executives together to exchange best practices around implementing gender diversity across borders. Those who attend this leading executive roundtable will:
  • Connect with top diversity professionals nationally and globally

  • Hear best practices from seasoned leaders in this field

  • Learn from latest research on women's status globally


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